All of your heroes have likely received some form of coaching throughout their careers. Every professional team will have a designated coach – sometimes even more than one – so you NEED to consider coaching if you want to hit the big leagues.

The biggest eSports payout was for the 2019 International, a world-championship held by valve. The crowdfunded prize pool exceeded $30 MILLION, setting the winners (OG) up for life.

Esports athletes can regularly win millions if they play well enough!

Much like other sports or competing events, eSports requires dedication, practice, training and commitment.

Athletes can earn a LOT of money, just by doing something that they love: playing video games. With an assortment of different titles readily available, along with a steady stream of new content being released, eSports is poised to be a hugely sustainable market – get good now, and set yourself up for the future!