You might think that you’re good – but are you the best? Could you go up against sinatraa in a world-cup Overwatch playoff, confident that you’ll score enough points to stand out? Do you have what it takes to build an elite soccer team, guiding the players to success against the likes of MoAuba?

As good as you are, could you compete against the greatest players in the world? If you think you can, then great – but you still have a lot to learn. It doesn’t matter how good you are naturally, a coach will help you to identify your mistakes, learning from them to become the best athlete you can be. Why scrape by, when you can blow the competition away?

Don’t lose hope – even if you’re not at a competing level yet. An eSports coach will give you the tools you need to learn and grow.

You might initially be put off of hiring a coach. In reality, you want to be an athlete – not just a gamer. Every athlete in the world has a professional coach to guide them across the playing field, whether it’s electronic or not.