The number of personal esports coaches and people hiring them are growing at a rapid rate. This is due to the amount of prize money and opportunities there are for players of all skill levels to compete. You may ask what the need for these coaches are, but you’d never ask the same about a personal basketball coach. So let us break down a couple of ways that these esports coaches can change the game for you.

Learn From Your Experiences, Not Others

You can go on YouTube and find countless videos about how to get better at whatever game you play. A lot of those videos feel like situations you’d never be in, or struggle to know when to use certain strategies. That’s because you’re watching others play and try to learn based on how someone else does it. While this may work for some, it does not work for everyone.

Imagine if you had a Fortnite coach that was watching your own gameplay, and teaching you from that. Just like watching game film for a sport, you can do the same for a game like Fortnite. A coach can point out where you could have had better positioning, or played a fight differently. With it being your own gameplay, you’ll be able to better learn ways to change how you play and improve your skills.

An Outside Perspective Can Be A Game Changer

When you start playing a new game, you’ll often pick up some bad habits or techniques. This could because it makes the game easier to play for you or because it gives you results at a lower skill level. But, these small things can add up and start holding you back as you develop into a more skilled player. By the time you get to that high skill level though, you are not able to realize those bad habits.

This is where an esports coach can be a huge advantage. For example, if you have a Dota coach, they’ll observe a couple of your matches as you play them. They can see that you are too aggressive in early fights, or focus too much on your lane versus the overall game. When the coach brings these habits to your attention, you’ll have a much easier time to break them.

A specialized coach for the exact role you play

From Dota to Fortnite, there will always be an esports coach that specializes in your game. Even better, you can find a coach that specializes in your specific role or playstyle. These coaches can give tips for a certain hero, strategies specific to your position, or teach you to play around other positions.These specific lessons are a huge advantage over general tips or strategies found online. Most of which don’t even apply to your specific role on the team. Information and teaching that is specific to your situation will allow you to improve much quicker.

There is no denying that a personal esports coach can help elevate your game. But that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a professional esports career. Like anything in life, the harder you work and the better teacher you have, the more likely you are to succeed.