With the rise of game streaming and content creation, the ability to record and share gameplay has become incredibly popular. Because of that, the Xbox One has built-in tools that allow you to easily record and share gameplay directly from your console..
Follow the steps below to record up to 10 minutes of  Xbox gameplay without any external devices and share it to your computer for easy editing.
Step 1 – Press Xbox Button
When playing a game, press the Xbox button found in the middle of the controller. A familiar Xbox menu should appear on the screen, navigate to the right until you reach the “Broadcast & Capture” menu

Step 2 – Enter the Advanced Settings Menu
From this menu, select the “Advanced Settings” option. A new menu will appear that will allow you to customize all of your broadcast & capture settings. In this menu you will be able to change several things:

  • If you want your microphone recorded when capturing video
  • If you allow game captures
  • The duration of the vocal command “Record that”
  • What you want automatically uploaded
  • The resolution of your game clips
  • Where your captures will be saved

Make sure that you have “Allow game captures” selected, then navigate down to where you are able to change your “Game clip resolution.” It will naturally be set at 1080p SDR, which will be higher quality but only allow you to capture up to 5 minutes of gameplay at a time. Select the 720p SDR option, which will lower the quality slightly but allow for longer recording settings.
Step 3 – Start Capturing
Navigate back to the original “Broadcast & Capture” menu mentioned in step one. This time you will select the “Capture” option. After clicking on “Capture”, another menu should appear. Select the very first option which is “Record from now” which, if everything is done correctly, should have “Up to 10 minutes” displayed under it.
Step 4 – Find Your Recent Captures
After your 10 minutes of gameplay has been recorded, return once again back to the “Broadcast & capture” menu. You should now see a (1) next to the “Recent captures” option. Click on this option, then navigate to the bottom of the menu and select “See All.”
Step 5 – Upload Gameplay to OneDrive
You will now have the Manage capture application on your screen. The most important thing to change right away is where it says “On Xbox Live” change to “On this Xbox.” Your newly recorded gameplay should now appear in front of you! Click on the gameplay link you wish to share to your computer. If you are doing this immediately after recording, it may take some time to upload before you are able to do anything with the clip. Make sure you do not see “Uploading… ##%” in the bottom right of the clip you are viewing.
If you do not see it uploading, click on the cloud in the middle of the clip to start the upload to OneDrive.You automatically have a OneDrive account because it’s associated with Microsoft and your Xbox login information.
Step 6 – Download Gameplay to Computer
Open a browser on your laptop or computer and navigate to the OneDrive website. From here, login in with the same information that you use to log into your Xbox Live account. You will now be redirected to your OneDrive.
Once in your OneDrive, look for a folder titled “Videos.” Inside, you’ll find another folder called “Xbox Game DVR.” From here, you will be able to find all of your uploaded video clips and download them to your computer.

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